Changes to the NHIF That Impact Young Adults

changes to the NHIF

Kenya’s National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has recently implemented changes to the NHIF that will impact young adults and families across the country. The new rule stipulates that individuals will no longer be covered under family policies once they reach the age of 18 and that they will be required to obtain an individual policy. This adjustment has raised concerns about its implications on healthcare access for young adults.

What Has the NHIF Done Before?

The changes to the NHIF are important to understand in the greater context of what the NHIF has offered in the past. In the past, the NHIF allowed children to be enrolled individually under the age of 18. Now, individual children who are newly enrolled will need to be covered through their parents or other arrangements. Children under age 5 will not need to have a policy.

Separately from this, another one of the changes to the NHIF excludes individuals from family policies at the age of 18. As a result, young adults will need to pursue alternative health insurance options to get their own coverage. This is different from the past, as children were typically covered until age 25 and while they were completing their education.

Why Are the Changes to the NHIF Being Done?

There is no one answer as to why there are changes to the NHIF. They come alongside many other changes to healthcare in Kenya that are designed to provide care for more people. However, by discontinuing coverage for individuals at 18, the NHIF might be exposing young adults to unnecessary risk if they fail to obtain their own policy. Families who previously relied on NHIF family policies to cover medical expenses for all of their children may now need to adjust their healthcare spending.

How Will the Changes to the NHIF Impact Young Adults?

Young adults who have recently turned 18 may be faced with securing individual health insurance coverage. The transition from being covered under a family policy to being responsible for their own policy can also be overwhelming, especially for young adults who are still studying or starting their careers.

In the wake of this policy change and other changes to the NHIF, it is even more important to provide high-quality medical care to the people of Kenya. Organizations like the Sollay Kenyan Foundation are going to play a critical role in making sure that every Kenyan can access the primary care and focused specialty care that they deserve.

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