Improving Life for Geriatric Patients in Kenya

geriatric patients in Kenya

As Kenya continues to develop and progress, one crucial aspect that requires attention is the care and well-being of geriatric patients in Kenya. Geriatric patients, defined as adults who are aged 65 and older, often face unique challenges related to health, social support, and quality of life. Additionally, older adults are currently the fastest-growing population in the country. Addressing these challenges and improving conditions for geriatric patients in Kenya is essential to ensure they receive the care and dignity they deserve.

Healthcare Access

One of the primary concerns for all patients in Kenya is access to high-quality healthcare, and the same is true for geriatric patients in Kenya. Many older adults struggle to afford medical care, medications, and specialized care. Kenya and organizations like the Sollay Kenyan Foundation are working to improve healthcare access and affordability through community health programs, partnerships with healthcare providers, and other initiatives. Furthermore, establishing geriatric-centered facilities or units can help meet the needs of older adults, like specialized medical care or rehabilitation services.

Better Training

Healthcare professionals play a crucial role in caring for geriatric patients in Kenya. Providing specialized training and education on geriatric care principles and age-related health conditions can enhance the quality of care delivered to older adults. Additionally, promoting geriatric care as a specialized field within the healthcare sector can attract more professionals to focus on the unique needs of geriatric patients, which will naturally lead to improved health outcomes and overall well-being.

New Skills

Some organizations in Kenya are working to give seniors and older adults in Kenya the opportunity to learn new income-generating activities that can also work to improve mental health and make paying for medical care easier. Small crafts and activities, like soap making, can generate enough profit to cover daily living expenses, medications, and additional medical care.

Many older women are starting businesses with their children and grandchildren doing things like selling eggs, creating beaded jewelry, selling food, washing clothes, and more. Kenya Small Business Development Centers are also working with micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to help reduce poverty. USAID and other organizations are working to help support small businesses in Kenya, and USAID currently has funding approved through 2026. Small businesses account for a whopping 33.8% of Kenya’s national economic output, but many still face challenges like a lack of funding and poor market access. Mastercard and other companies are working to supply funding to Kenyan business owners and help them access critical capital.

By working together, Kenyan families and communities can become more self-sufficient.

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