Kenya’s Digital Health Act of 2023

Digital Health Act

Kenya’s strides in healthcare have reached a milestone with the passage and implementation of the Digital Health Act of 2023. This groundbreaking legislation marks a significant leap forward in leveraging technology to revolutionize healthcare delivery across the nation. Encompassing various facets of healthcare, this act is poised to transform how medical services are accessed, managed, and delivered.

What Is the Digital Health Act?

Kenya’s Digital Health Act of 2023 is a detailed legislative framework aimed at using technology to improve healthcare services in Kenya and the health of Kenyans of every age and economic situation. This act is aimed at laying the groundwork for healthcare financing, healthcare services, and universal healthcare coverage backed up by digital solutions. It is hoped that all of these changes will improve patient care and help Kenyans succeed and thrive.

What Is the Purpose of the Digital Health Act?

The Digital Health Act will improve accessibility within the Kenyan healthcare system thanks to technology and standardized systems. Another key goal of the Digital Health Act in Kenya is the implementation of universal healthcare. Currently, over 43% of the population lives in poverty and deals with health obstacles including high child and maternal mortality, preventable diseases like HIV and tuberculosis, and a lack of access to care. By creating a universal healthcare framework, every citizen will be able to seek medical care and support.

Why Is It Better Than the Previous Plan?

One of the biggest issues in Kenya’s healthcare today is a lack of coordination across healthcare organizations and widespread tech adoption. By using a variety of technologies and fragmenting recordkeeping methods, it is challenging for all healthcare stakeholders to maintain best practices and modern digital health standards. Additionally, universal healthcare will make accessing healthcare easier for every Kenyan.

Another key advancement outlined in the Digital Health Act is the creation of Kenya’s Integrated Health Information System. This system will allow for the management and distribution across healthcare practices of health data. Electronic health records for patients will be securely collected and stored, and the Integrated Health Information System will also allow this information to be distributed to providers. This means that a patient can see someone at a clinic and a provider a couple of months down the road can easily pull up those records as a reference during an appointment.

What Is Happening with the Previous Insurance Plan?

The new Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF) is expected to replace the existing NHIF for Kenyans who are over the age of 18 and do not have the income that they need to cover the costs. Currently, the plan is to wind down the existing insurance plan by October 2024.

How Can You Enroll in the New Plan and Learn More?

Because the new plan is not going to be broadly adopted until October 2024, there is not currently an open application for you to complete. In the coming months, you can expect information to be rolled out about how to enroll and access your benefits.

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