SARS-CoV2: The Road Forward



The Road Forward

In challenging times such as we face individually and as a nation it may be hard to see better days ahead. You may feel as though your struggles will never end and that things won’t ever turn around for you, your friends, your family, your neighbors and even the nation as a whole. It’s not easy to always be optimistic about the future in front of us. Life can and will be difficult and in hard economic times its not just your finances that suffer. Your relationships with friends, families and employers can be strained. Your health can be stressed. Bad habits like drugs, alcohol and smoking can return, and negative thoughts can take over your life.

When one part of your life after another takes a bad turn as the bills come in endlessly and there is no end in sight for your layoff you can feel like there is no end in sight for you, no way out. The truth is that you have run out of answers. There are more questions than answers. You don’t feel that you have the strength to go forward.

The answer. No matter where you stand in life, no matter how big the bills, and no matter how high the hurdles you are never alone. In challenging times, it may be hard to see better days ahead. You may feel as though your struggles will never end, that things won’t ever turn around for you.

This is exactly the moment to put your faith into action and expect God’s blessings. It is your time to declare your faith, to look for God’s favor and to give control of your life to him so that you can find fulfillment in his plans for your life. You may have neglected God, but he has not abandoned you. As long as you are breathing you can still reclaim his favor by renewing your faith and accepting his plans for your life. Out of this seeming disaster of your own personal life and the life of the United States of America can come the dreams of your future. God does not want you to merely survive challenging times. He wants you to thrive. When you give your life over to God, he can send opportunities your way so that you can sore to new heights of fulfillment.

History has shown that the most difficult times in our own personal lives as well as the life of the nation can serve as catalyst for creative, innovation and accomplishment. If you hold on to your faith, ask for God’s favor and don’t give in to depression or discouragement you will emerge not bitter, but better. Not a victim, but a victor. It is your time to trust. God is already working in your life to arrange the right people, the right skills, and the right opportunity to give you the tools you need to fulfill and exceed your dreams. It is your time to overcome adversity and achieve your dreams. You will find ways for not just picking up the pieces but for building a new life better than you had ever imaged before.

It is your time to develop the faith, hope and strength to rise above any circumstance so that you can fulfill God’s best plan for your life.

Today, begin one day at a time shake off the negative and pursue one positive activity in your life. Rebuild your life and your future one day at a time. SARS CoV2 will pass. Our enemy will be defeated. The battle is ours. As a nation and as individuals we will prevail. We are Americans. We as a people are one nation under God with liberty and freedom for all. Let us begin this moment to rebuild the future of our individual lives and collectively the life of this nation. Start today. Have no fear. Do not look back. Move forward one day at a time. Together we can do this.

Respectfully submitted,

Terrance L. Baker, MD, MS