Who We Are

First Chapter

Who We Are

Sollay Kenyan Foundation is a U.S.A. based nonprofit charity focused on working with Kenyan communities to help children, families and communities have equal access to primary care and focused specialty care.

Primary care allows the opportunity for every Kenyan to realize the possibilities lying inside of each individual. Each Kenyan life is the greatest asset of the Kenyan nation. Equal value lies in each Kenyan life. We are dedicated to providing the primary care essentially required to improve the quality of life for each Kenyan individual. Sollay Kenyan Foundation and all of its supporters and all of its members have one thing in common – a passionate desire to help the people of Kenya have access equally to primary care and to build a better future for their children and their communities.

Second Chapter

The Dream: How We Started

As a child growing up Modesta Vesonder had a dream to become the best that she could be.  Her dream brought her to America to pursue medical studies and today she is a Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in adult medicine and geriatrics.  Growing up in Kenya and subsequently her many trips home to Kenya have expanded her dream for a better tomorrow for the nation of Kenya where she was born and the belief that a better Kenya lies ahead for all the Kenyan people who are the greatest resource of the nation of Kenya.

Out of this dream came a realization that each of us can make a difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of others.

Modesta was able to realize her dream here in America and today has a strong desire to return to the people of Kenya all that she has learned and all that she knows that would significantly improve the quality of life for all Kenyans.

While practicing medicine in America, Modesta met Terrance L. Baker, MD who shared the dream that one man and one woman can join with thousands of others like you to change any condition, to change any circumstances of any nation in the world.  Together Dr. Baker and Nurse Practitioner Vesonder have partnered to create a growing successful organization focused on bringing primary care health to every community of Kenya.  To demonstrate through a Kenyan model of health that it is possible to change a nation one person at a time by providing primary care and restoring life to so many who are needlessly dying.  Today many men, women, children, mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers die needlessly in Kenya as a result of a lack of primary care and adequate primary medical supplies.  Still others die from specific medical care requiring dialysis equipment which either doesn’t exist or is not functioning correctly.  The vision and goal of Sollay Kenyan Foundation is to partner with you no matter where you live, no matter what you are doing to provide the resources to open primary care clinics and to provide primary care medicine to the people of Kenya.  Together we can change the nation.  Together we can create a model of care that will serve as a beacon of hope and example to all nations on the African continent.

The vision and goal of Sollay Kenyan Foundation is to partner with you no matter where you live, no matter what you are doing to provide the resources to open primary care clinics and to provide primary care medicine to the people of Kenya.

Together we can change the nation.  Together we can create a model of care that will serve as a beacon of hope and example to all nations on the African continent.

Third Chapter

What We Do

Starts with providing care to Kenyan’s here in the United States who find themselves away from home either visiting, working on a green card or having immigrated looking for a new way of life find themselves in need of primary care.  Today the Sollay Kenyan Foundation treats patients at its Baltimore, Maryland clinic providing primary care and specialty referrals.  Kenyans of any age requiring primary care can present for examination and treatment of their primary care needs.

We work with partner communities throughout the nation of Kenya to tackle critical primary care problems.

Affordable access to primary care

In many cases simple easily treated medical conditions are forced to go untreated resulting in serious disease mortality and morbidity. A simple skin infection easily treated can spread to the blood stream and the patient dies of sepsis. A simple sore throat can lead to kidney complications and death.Insert your content here

Failed pharmacy system

Throughout Kenya there are many community pharmacies. In a study conducted by the Sollay Kenyan Foundation, we found that in one major city one third of all prescriptions written are being filled with a wrong medication which can harm an unsuspected patient. Another one third are filled with “substitutes” which in fact are not substitutes at all in which again can cause harm to patients. Many hospital systems are without even the most basic of medications including antibiotics.

Specialty equipment

Dialysis units frequently are required by Kenyan patients for short periods of time to bridge an acute medical need where mechanical blood filtering must occur while the patient’s kidneys heal themselves. Frequently dialysis equipment doesn’t exist or is not working correctly. As a result Kenyan’s die each day needlessly from a failure to receive the necessary dialysis required to save life.

High Cost

Many Kenyan’s live near a community health center but simply don’t have the financial ability to receive care from the facility because they don’t have the funds necessary to pay for care. Affordable primary care is an essential component of saving the lives of Kenyan’s who each day are dying needlessly within sight of a facility that has the ability to save their life but the Kenyan simply doesn’t have the money necessary to receive the care.

Qualified Healthcare Providers

Kenya through its educational system trains many Kenyan nurses and doctors each year. Many of these physicians and nurses subsequently leave Kenya to seek employment in Europe and/or the U.S.A. Accordingly, Kenya despite training record numbers of physicians and nurses is experiencing a severe physician and nursing shortage. Many times Kenyans are receiving care by individuals who are poorly qualified and inadequately trained but unfortunately that is all that their communities are able to afford. Measures must be put into place to stabilize and to incentivize Kenyan physicians to remain in Kenya and to practice treating and providing care to the mothers, fathers and children of Kenya. Kenyan lives matter. The conditions of all Kenyan people wherever they live, whatever tribe they belong to all share the same dream of a better Kenyan tomorrow. Access to primary care is necessary to unlock the greatest resource of the nation of Kenya to each individual.
The Kenyan Foundation is dedicated to improving the healthcare quality of life for individuals throughout Kenya.

At the Kenyan Sollay Foundation we build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise and solutions to providing primary healthcare to all Kenyans.  Working with the best organizations around the world to identify ideas which can be translated into action which will allow all Kenyans to access primary care.  Kenyan people are dying.  At Sollay Kenyan Foundation we believe we can save them with your assistance.  Partner with us to bring the dream of access to care a reality for every Kenyan.

Fourth Chapter

Join Us in Helping to Change Kenya

Together we can partner to help solve the Kenyan’s most challenging healthcare problems.  Join with us to save one life at a time.

Each life saved strengthens the nation of Kenya and builds a better future for the entire nation.
Now Accepting Kenyan Non Profit Primary Care Charity Donations

Suri at birth.

Meet Suri!

Suri at three.

The greatest resource of Kenya is healthy people.

Join us in helping to change the nation of Kenya.  Unlock your financial power by joining us in a one-time contribution.  Or partner with us as a member of our family with a recurring monthly commitment.

When you donate you are giving Kenyan’s a renewed strength to fight their illness, bring families closer together and unite entire communities.  You can change lives.  Join with us in changing the future.

Donate by Mail

If you prefer to mail in your donation please send your donation with a personal check, money order or credit card information to:

3700 Koppers St. Suite 100
Baltimore MD, 21227

Equipment Donations

Corporate contributors may find advantages to equipment donations. Please call to make arrangements for the delivery of your much needed equipment. All donations of new equipment and/or used equipment in good working order are welcome, especially dialysis and dialysis related equipment. Diagnostic equipment such as laboratory and radiographic equipment are needed. General medical supplies are needed.


Donations of time and material are greatly welcomed. Volunteers will be matched to areas of need to provide education, training and experience in appropriate areas of primary care medicine. No greater gift can be given than to share your knowledge, your education and your experience with others so that they might better care for the Kenyan patients that they are seeing daily.

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